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Here’s What to Expect for Your First In-Car Driving Lesson


Its time to drive!! 

Your first lesson can be nerve wrecking to say the least. However our instructors will ensure that your first experience behind the wheel runs smoothly as possible. 

Your instructor will pick you up from home, or any other location agreed by both you and the instructor prior to the lesson. Once you have been picked up and greeted by the instructor, they will drive you to quiet, local area. You will then get taught the basics of the car i.e. setting the seats and mirrors and also the controls of the car e.g the brake, accelerator and clutch if you are learning in a manual car. Once you have come to grips of all the above you may then be taught to move off safely and stop.    

Once your lesson time is about to come to an end, your instructor will drop you home. you will be given a debrief at the end of the lesson on how the lesson went and what you will be doing in your next lesson. Please feel free to ask any questions as our instructors are always here to help and support you